Thursday, 24 March 2016

For the greater good.

Tonight was a tad annoying, yet at the same time ever so productive. I've more or less finalised my scheme as the last discrepancy was wings.. I've decided to have two ways of doing the membranes, with a quick/easy way for Gargoyles and a more involved way for my FMCs.
Gargoyles will be washed uniformly, then again with red in order to give the membrane look.  FMCs will have a codex grey coat before washing. I am cheating with the washes, but they do look ever so good; I don't particularly fancy layering 6x pairs of FMC wings and I feel the same way about wet blending!
Alas, progress for this evening, including one of the gargoyles that needs to be stripped and repainted; Poor 'lil fella.

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