Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Gargoyles, what a nightmare..

I've been struggling somewhat with figuring out how to transport my nids, gargoyles and MCs alike. The gargoyles are covered in little claws which have made the KR multicase foam I've been housing them in a nightmare.
I thought that I would investigate the prospect of magnets under the flying bases, metal trays and foam within a box of sorts. Alas, I feel I've struck gold, as I managed to find 30mm x 0.7mm self adhesive magnets which are perfect. The picture below is 15 on a baking tray. Next step, I'm contemplating a KR Multicase with pick and pluck foam to house my MCs, so I'll try making a tray for these too.
Also, rant. English weather sucks. I've had zero time or good weather to undercoat anything. One is not amused!

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